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Posted by Lex Fonteyne on May 10, 2010 at 4:04 PM

Spent some time today working on another possible entry in the "Moving Day" saga -- this one is called "Xavla," and if you're familiar with the story so  far, you know that Xavla is the name of the planet where the Neptunians originally came from.

(It's also their word for "water," but that's another matter!)

I mentioned something in "Perfectly Frank" to the effect that N-trac had figured out a way for people to actually go to Xavla, even though it's in a completely different universe.  Turns out this is not quite as difficult as it would initially appear. 

Basically, what I'm writing now is a sort of Xavlan history (as told by one of their own) interspersed with chapters about Zed and his role in the whole thing.  I think it's time to get some stuff out there about the horse standing  in black grass, and why this imagery is so  prevalent in the minds of some of the characters in the backstory....

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