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Moving Day

"Moving Day," my first book, was published in April of 2008.


It's the story of Larry Walling, whose house unexpectedly moves a mile and a half one night while he and his dog are asleep inside.


Naturally, Larry is a little curious about this even, and decides to investigate.


Along the way, he runs into a cast of quirky characters and makes some new friends.


"Moving Day" is available in both paperback (first picture) and Kindle (second picture) editions.


My ex, Teresa, who I still absolutely adore even though we're no longer together, did both of these covers, and the "Moving Parts" cover, as well as all of the page formatting on "Moving Day" and "Moving Parts."   She's an amazing artist, and I feel fortunate to have been able to have her work on these projects with me.


Here are two reviews:


Funny Fantasy,
December 31, 2008
By Nora E. Haefele

"Lex keeps you laughing from the moment the house disappears until you reach the final resolution. A zany cast of characters, along with crackling dialogue, make for a solid adventure in silliness."


Sarcastically Funny!,

By Kendra H.  Texas, USA

Absolutely enjoyed this book! Funny, sarcastic, and well-written, with a really interesting twist on the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs. Enjoyed the references to Star Trek. It was probably a good thing I was reading this at work at night, as I'm sure I would have gotten strange looks by customers or family, with laughing and snickering through the entire thing. Loved the cast of characters, human and canine, well filled out, real, but without being overdone or fake. The book really grabbed a hold of you, and held on through the entire read. I would highly recommend this to others! And I'm looking forward to diving into his other books.