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Moving Parts

My second book, "Moving Parts," was published in November of 2008.


"Moving Parts" is a book of short stories and poems.  Some of the short stories tie into the "Moving Day" storyline, and one of them, "Lest We Forget," is something of a lead-in to the next book, "Perfectly Frank."


"Moving Parts" also includes previews of "Perfectly Frank" and "Moving Targets," the latter of which is as yet unpublished.  Although, to be honest, I have completely revamped "Moving Targets" since then, and the preview section for it is obsolete!  Just think of it as "parallel universe" stuff.  I will try to incorporate all of the good lines from the preview into the new version, though.


Here's a review:


January 27, 2009
By Denise Ellis

Book #2 of this collection,, I was drawn in and fully engulfed,,, Most awesome read


And another review:

Another Great Read
February 28, 2010
by Kendra H. (TX, USA)

Some poetry, multiple short stories related to the author's first book, Moving Day, as well as tying in with his future books in this series and a few random unrelated stories, all combine to make another great read, although with a more serious feel to it. The stories gave more depth to some of the characters read about in Moving Day, and showed interesting past history leading up to the main stories that are planned in the future, including Perfectly Frank, his next book. My personal favorites would have to be Zero Is, The Last Worm on Mars, and Lest We Forget, along with the poem Crash, which I found to be an intense piece. I really enjoyed the other stories, however, and look forward to getting into Perfectly Frank.