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Perfectly Frank

 My third book, "Perfectly Frank," was published in October of 2009.


"Perfectly Frank" is  the story of Frank O'Halloran, who was a supporting character in the first book, and who appeared several times in the second.  Frank works for a secret government agency called N-trac, whose purpose is to monitor and deal with threats posed by creatures from Neptune (although they're not really from Neptune).


In "Perfectly Frank," Frank and his co-worker, Melissa, are called upon to test a strange device known as ORB, which retrieves long-buried memories from those who use it.  The catch is, after you've used it a certain number of times, it brings back memories from before you were born, which is problematic as those memories have nothing whatsoever to do with life on Earth!


Frank's wife has recently passed away at the start of the book, and he is reevaluating his position in the agency as well as his life in general.


"Perfectly Frank" is available in both paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon.


Here's a review: 



November 11, 2009
By  Denise Ellis

As I have not yet read Perfectly Frank,, I have read Lex's first two books
Moving Day & Moving Parts, Both of which captured my interest and kept me
wanting more. So as I prepare to order and wait in anticipation for the mail
to arrive, I can say you will not be dissapointed..

Brilliant Author,, Brilliant Mind

....and here's the latest!!


Kendra rated it: 5 of 5 stars

Read in March, 2010
Sorry for the delay in reviewing this. It was another excellent book, though with a more serious bent to it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and enjoyed the background info, depth, and history of Frank, though it was somewhat more sad with regards to his memories. I was impressed with how the author tied in the short stories from the second book as well, though I was miffed (in a good way) at the ending as it definitely sets you up for the 4th book.