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Lex Fonteyne's Ultimate Guide To Internet Dating

If you asked yourself to name 5 things the world really doesn't need, what would they be?  A grape-flavored rocket?  A space helmet for squirrels?  An English-to-Phoenician dictionary?  Probably.  But that's only three.  One of the other two would be an Internet dating book by me.


I can say this because my Internet Dating success rate is slightly worse than that of Wile E. Coyote against the Roadrunner.  True enough, I don't have a billion Acme Products to assist in the endeavor, but than again, dropping anvils off of cliffs has never seemed like a good way to get a date.  I could be wrong about that, though.


Anyway, for reasons that escape me at the moment, I decided to go ahead and write a book about Internet Dating.  It's a little bit like Hitler writing a book about tolerance and love for all people, only mine has better spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


So -- "Lex Fonteyne's Ultimate Guide To Internet Dating:  What To Do, What Not To Do, Why Not To Do It, And Oh The Hell With It," is now available at Amazon.com and many other fine (and even not-so-fine) online booksellers.  100 pages, $8.99, it's my cheapest book yet, and there are some funny bits in it.


And, no, I have NOT abandoned the whole "Moving Day" storyline -- I'm just showing you how incredibly versatile I am.


Later on, I'll be doing a book about 17th century umbrella stands and how to restore them.  Bet you can't wait, huh?


 Here is a review:

 4.0 out of 5 stars Funny and Smartly Written, April 27, 2011

By Kendra H.  
(TX, USA) - 
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This review is from: Lex Fonteyne's Ultimate Guide To Internet Dating: What To Do, What Not To Do, Why Not To Do It, And Oh The Hell With It (Paperback)
A light, funny, yet smartly written "how-to" for internet dating. Lots of good information packed into this small book, with literal laugh out loud comments and examples.